Saturday, November 28, 2009


Petang ni projek lepak-lepak makan-makan movie-movie kat umah aku. Nenek from Perak ada kat umah umi so amik kesempatan ni utk kumpul kat umah aku.

Menu petang ini ;

1. Nasi lemak
2. Roti John
3. Cekodok @ cucur udang
4. Rojak buah

En. Anuar tengah giler masak kuah rojak. Lama sgt dia tak buat. Rasanya sejak kawen ni tak pernah pun lagi. Aku nak belajar idak kuasa la weehhhh...berjam-jam nk tunggu masak. Biar la dia ngan projek kuah rojak nyer. Kot ada market, aku jual la thru blog. Wakakakaka.....

Kalau rajin ade la gambar petang nih.

Sunday, November 22, 2009



With their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, it’s no wonder that anthurium have come to symbolize hospitality. Also known as the Flamingo Flower, Boy Flower, Painted Tongue and Painter’s Palette – because of their distinctive shape and color – the name anthurium comes from Greek, meaning “tail flower.” Exotic and compelling, with bold, typically red flowers and shiny, dark green foliage, anthurium, like the hospitality they represent, are long-lasting and irresistibly beautiful


Bearing an unmistakable resemblance to a brightly colored bird in flight, bird of paradise are native to south Africa and represent joyfulness and (not surprisingly) paradise itself. Also known as Crane flowers, they are distinctive and striking, spectacularly shaped like a bird’s beak and plumage. Bird of Paradise are the 9th weddinganniversary flower


Long a symbol of love and passion, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love. Used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, they also represent confidentiality. In fact, the Latin expression "sub rosa"(literally, "under the rose") means something told in secret, and in ancient Rome, a wild rose was placed on the door to a room where confidential matters were being discussed. Each color offers a distinct meaning: red, the lover’s rose, signifies enduring passion; white, humility and innocence; yellow, expressing friendship and joy; pink, gratitude, appreciation and admiration; orange, enthusiasm and desire; white lilac and purple roses represent enchantment and love at first sight. The number of stems in a rose bouquet can also express specific sentiments. The June birth flower and the 15th weddinganniversary flower, roses are also the national flower of the United States and the state flower of Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota and the District of Columbia. And, not surprisingly, June – the month so often associated with weddings – is National Rose Month

POSISI TIDUR KAU DAN AKU...hahahahahahaaha

Aku mengantuk di siang hari walaupun malamnya aku tidur mati. Jadi aku ambil keputusan untuk meng"google" (haruskah perkataan ini dimelayukan) tentang tidur. Ini antara yang menarik dari satu blog (yg aku lupa nk link) sebab aku ngantukkkssss....